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I'm Amy a busy mom of 4.  I'm just learning to blog so join me on this journey.  We love to be creative and I am passionate about sewing so I finally decided to start a simple blog. Why simple?  Well I lost count how many times I had to stop typing to get someone a snack or a million other mom duties around here.

 I can promise this blog will not be perfect - life isn't perfect and that is ok.  My goal is to share some of my projects and inspire others to create and enjoy the crafty things that make you happy.

Park to Party

Mini Capsule Blog tour- Kids Collection for Sly Fox Fabrics

Park to Party is my kids capsule collection. This pic is my twins at Easer Egg hunt we went to - then later that day a park. Look at those cuties in adorable outfits and the sweetest bunny that my daughter wanted to trade a brother for. Just kidding, but she keeps asking for a Bunny.

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1st up I'd like to share this fun Sewing Mini Capsule that one of my favorite fabric shops challenged me to.

Sly Fox Fabics is also in the Midwest and I'm always impressed with their quality fabrics, selection, & FAST shipping.  SLY FOX  challenged me to make a mini capsule and I gladly accepted.  I think a year or 2 ago I didn't know what a sewing capsule was.  Basically it is a plan to reduce quantity in your closet, and add quality staple pieces to make mix and match outfits.  Umm it's brilliant right???


***Dad tip*** (The Mr. often dresses the kids or helps me lay out clothes for them.)  He said he 

loves this capsule idea so he can just easily grab clothes that aren't crazy looking- lol.  


After seeing all the fabrics together I planned a capsule from some of my tried & true patterns and boom! 

 My twins got a handful of fun new pieces to add to their spring wardrobe.  PS-  I'm slightly jealousbiggrin Maybe in a future blog I'll share a 

women's capsule!

Check out the rest of the Mini Capsule blog tour over at Sly Fox Fabrics.  (hint- I did the kids collection and the other blogs have wonderful Women's Capsule inspitation).

It's safe to say they love the fabrics we played with. They are soft and durable for this "Park to Party Capsule"

This is the tunic length Lil Laundry Day tee with added pockets from Love Notions. The black leggings are Bonny's - Free pattern from Made for Mermaids with the bow hack. She loves this comfortable and fun outfit!

Fun behind the scenes fact. If you look close at the bottom of the tunic there is RED slushie spilled on it... Don't worry though I just sprayed it with normal laundry stain spray and it came right out. In fact all of these Items I made for the collection from Sly Fox Fabrics have been worn, washed, and repeat a few times and they still look perfect. YAY!

Let them be little and run and play at the park.  They will get dirty and it's ok.  It all washes up and holds up better than RTW clothes.  RTW= Ready to wear- or purchased in a store.  Just another reason I love to sew for my kids.  

Sly Fox Fabrics are my go to when I order online. I can pick out what I need and get the order in usually 3 days!!!

The fabrics used:

1-  A FUN cotton knit with a yellow shoe print- it's adorable and works for all the kids.  I really love how yellow looks on my kids too.  

2- A yellow French Terry (so easy to work with and a perfect Spring color)

3- Solid Black DBP (Double Brushed Polyester= DBP)  It's soft and a perfect base for the collection

4-  Black stripe DBP (my go to for many outfits)

5- Black dot DBP (one of my favorites)

6- Solid Ivory DBP (perfect neutral)

*Tip* When making a capsule I like to just use one main print and a few more subtle prints or mostly solids to compliment the whole look. Then sticking to a color scheme it's easier to mix and match.  This really pays off when you go to pack or get ready quickly for any event.


*TIP* I love keeping these solids and neutrals on stock for most sewing projects then I order more when I get low.  

To order from Sly Fox Fabric go to the website. 

How lucky are they to have built in BFF's? I'm pretty darn lucky to be their Momma thats for sure. Again Aub is wearing the Lil LDT in the adorable cotton knit shoe fabric. I used the black dots for the sleeves, neckband and ivory DBP for the pockets for the stretch and recovery. Aug is wearing the Unisex Sporty Piko from Patterns for Pirates with the same shoe fabic and for his I used the stripe and solid black. Then I lined the hood with ivory DBP. He LOVES the softness and ease of this Piko.

Yellow FT Butterfly Cardi, Ivory DBP Basic tee, Black DBP Lucy shorts with ruffle from Made for Mermaids (it got chilly so no pics of her wearing them yet). Auggie's Sporty Piko in stripe DBP and the cotton shoes, Ivory DBP and shoes Dylan tee, and the Lexi and Lou shorts. 7 pieces in just this pic. They all mix and match how fun is that! Yes, my kids share clothes. No Auggie might not wear the ruffle shorts but he can if he wants to.

Another day another Park to Party adorable and easy outfit. We attended an Easter egg hunt party and it started out a little chilly then the weather warmed up. Little Miss of course found the golden egg. She is wearing the yellow FT in the Patterns for Pirates Butterfly cardi. Under the cardi is a Basic tee in ivory DBP and same black Bonny leggings. Cutie pie baby bro in the background.

In action at the park. Aubrey is wearing the P4P Basic tee in the Ivory DBP with the same black leggings. Auggie is wearing a total favorite the M4M Dylan tee with ivory DBP as the main and the cotton shoe print on the side panels. This is my favorite boys/Men tee! He has on RTW pants.

This is the partial collection (again she is wearing some pieces today) With the added Party dress made from the stunning Sly Buy fabric. Guys if you haven't tune into Sly Fox for weekly Wed. reveal days and they often post Sly Buy's that are a super deal. I really love how these all look together!

Links to patterns used.

Bonus Brother Hutton helped us out and you can tell they love being together. Hutton is just a little younger so he fits really well in Aubrey's Basic tee from P4P and its unisex which I love! Auggie is wearing the same Dylan tee with the cutest M4M Lexi and Lou shorts. Check out the drawstring tie it's my first one ever and I LOVE IT! He said these are like real pants Mom! Aubrey is wearing a SLY BUY $5/yard pink floral I added from my stash for a Party dress. Her dress is a Made for Mermaids Vivienne it's so beautiful and she loves the comfort and twirl! It was still a tad windy so the yellow FT cardi was the perfect layer.

Park to Party we are ready for anything!

3 bigs are always up for a stop at the park


Thanks for visiting the blog and check back in next week I have more patterns I got to test and will also be talking about swim wear.  

*Fun Fact* Recently P4P (Pattern for Pirates) released the Sporty Piko pattern I tested it for Aubrey and myself. I made a bonus size for Oliver and loved the fit on my boys so much I decided to use it as the patterned fabric for Auggie with the shoe fabric. Can you tell I love a unisex pattern around here? Perfect for a capsule I think!

I'm brand spanking new to blogging. Obviously I have a ton to learn and really appreciate you stopping in. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you would like to see!

I truly enjoyed sewing up this Mini Capsule. It was a huge honor to be included in this challenge.  It feel a little like a Project Runway challenge because I could have sewn up at least 6 more pieces if I had more time.  


My kids have already worn these pieces so much.  Now that it's warming up the shorts will be in heavy rotation. 


What pieces can you see being useful in your mini capsule?  Did you have any favorites?  Ok I have to go I don't want to miss the Sly Fox reveal video love- tune in to their Facebook group on Wednesdays.  Happy sewing and crafting!  Thanks for allowing me to be  "SEW ME."